Anneli and Aimee's Photo's

These fantastic photo's were sent to me  Anneli Maiden and Aimee Eddolls,
Thank you very much girls, this part of the site is dedicated to you!

Click on photo's for better, larger pictures.
Regent Theatre, Stoke on Trent
April 2000
Aimee with David Valks (Gad)
Aimee with Ben Harlow (Reuben/Butler)
Aimee with Trevor Jary (Simeon)
Aimee with Ellis Kerkhoven (Dan)
Aimee with Stuart Tayler (Zebulun)
Aimee with Tim Driesen (Joseph)
Aimee with Ellis Kerkhoven (Dan)
Anneli with Ben Harlow (Reuben/Butler)
Anneli with Tim Driesen (Joseph)
Anneli with Stuart Tayler (Zebulun)
Anneli with David Valks (Gad)
Sam, Anneli and Aimee
Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
June 2000
Anneli with Stuart Tayler ( Zebulun)
Aimee with Stuart Tayler ( Zebulun)